Monday, March 28, 2011

Wherefore art thou Roger?

I have looked back at the last few posts and most of them mention Maddy being fragile. And maybe Maddy has been more fragile lately. Maybe this is normal? But normal or not, she's awesome the way she is. 

Although the new normal seems to also be very very small meals and more food picky-ness. Before we'd put anything in her mouth and she'd happily eat. Put anything in front of her and she'd gobble it up. But now? She makes faces when we put something in her mouth and pulls it out and examines it. Often it gets thrown to the dogs. Literally. Meals are more about food squishing and throwing and less about consuming food. Oh, and wearing food as a hat. THAT one has resulted in near daily hair washing. I know this is a phase and she'll eat when she's hungry. And she's still healthy and chubby and doing well. But I MISS my awesome eater. 

And now, the title. What could that mean? Tonight I threw Maddy in the bath and tidied up. I put everything away and didn't see Roger (Maddy's sleep-teddy) anywhere. I assumed Roger was in the crib. I carried Maddy into her room. wrapped in her towel, and reached to grab Roger out of the crib. And Roger? Ro-o-o-o-o-o-ger? Where a-a-a-a-a-a-are you!? Roger, after some sleuthing, was figured out to be in baba's car. Maddy was in the house. I grabbed another blanket-teddy, a green one, and passed it to Maddy. Most nights I sing Maddy's lullaby as I back out of the room and see her lay down and snuggle in for sleep. Tonight I sang the song and backed out. And Maddy sat up, and looked for Roger. I sat in the living room and popped on the computer. And I could hear fussing. Then louder. Then louder... then crying. Wailing. My girl? She just wanted her Roger. I tried to calm her, offered her other teddy bear, other cloths or... anything. And finally? I called baba. And while I didn't ask, baba offered to come over and bring Roger home. Maddy grabbed Roger and began sucking her thumb. I am not going to say she settled immediately, but she has settled. It was a late start to the night and it's going to be a rough day tomorrow. 

It's official. Roger is important. And I've started thinking (aka freaking out just a little) about daycare and Maddy's naps there. We have a second teddy (Mimi) which we're going to try to make "nap teddy" as opposed to Roger the "night teddy". 

Does this ever get easy? 

But for certain, from now on? Roger's whereabouts will be accounted for. He will be on roll call ever 15 minutes or so. Maybe with RFID and GPS and tracking beacons. You know, whatever a mom needs to do to make bedtime easy. 

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