Saturday, February 6, 2010

11 days old

Our little Maddy is 11 days old. And I can see so many differences in her already. She's growing and is so much more alert. Today she had her eyes open and was interacting with me (and the dogs) for about 1.5 hours. A new record for her.

Thursday we had a pretty quiet day at home. Just chillin', like a family. Last night baba & dido (the grandparents) and us went out for dinner to Montana's. Neil had plans before the dinner, so took his car separately. Which meant me and Maddy got bundled up, just the two of us, and drove there ourselves! I admit to being very nervous to drive there, but we got there safely and I didn't forget to pack anything. We had a nice dinner out, and Maddy was a perfect little girl. She was changed in the bathroom there (our first public changing!) and was fed from a bottle there too. Otherwise she slept. But she did attract a whole lot of attention! A 10 day old apparently looks pretty small - although I see her as growing so much already. Her little sleepers are almost getting too short - she's a tall one, that's for sure.

Looking at the baby care book, I THINK that Maddy is 90th percentile for height, 50th percentile for head size and 25th percentile for weight, at birth. I think... I'll ask the doctor next week, to confirm it all. And with the breastfeeding and pumping and supplementing Maddy is definitely gaining weight! Our little piglet even ate 4oz in one feed yesterday! For the first 2 weeks, a babe is supposed to get 2-3oz. We are formula rookies and can mix 2 or 4 oz. So? We mix 4 and see if we can get 2-3 in her. Yesterday as Neil was feeding her, she kept going and going... and suddenly all 4oz were gone. Although I don't think that was a good thing...

After coming home from dinner Maddy was fine. But around 11pm? She began to fuss. She wanted to be held sitting up and there was NO way she was laying in the bassinet. When she did lay down she'd spit up. I think she just had too much food in her... I took the first round, and sat downstairs with her. By 2am she was ok with laying in my arms at a slight incline as I laid on the couch. We had another feed at around 3am, sterilized some bottles and then up to bed. She was able to sleep while being held - otherwise she'd fuss - until about 630am, when I passed her on to Neil and he got up with her, changed her and fed her and kept her amused until I was up at 9am. See what I mean about an amazing husband and father?

Today we were supposed to head out and get a few errands done but I forgot I thawed a chicken, which needs to be cooked. And basted every 30 minutes. So we're going to hang at home instead. I was thinking we could do something tonight, but other than a restaurant (and we have chicken for dinner) I am not sure where we can take an 11 day old on a Saturday night.

My mom has also planned Maddy's first "Come meet me!" open house. Sunday February 21st at 1pm, at the Amenity House at their condo. Mostly for family and mom's friends, it looks like 40-50 people have been invited (aack!) and mom is making huge amounts of snacks and drinks for the event. Joc has offered to have a second "Come meet me!" open house, this time at our place for our friends. So more of a chance to show off our little one - but she's going to be SO BIG by that time! If you're interested in coming to meet her, please let me know and I'll be sure that you get an invite.

And some pictures!

Fast asleep in her bassinet

Hanging on the bed with mom and dad - and hamming it up

Sitting on mom's lap, showing off her big blue eyes

Trying to show how small she is, sitting on the couch. With Walter, her little guardian, close by making sure everything is ok

Today we're going to tackle our first bath (not sponge bath). Her little umbilical cord fell off 2 days ago. And I'm going to try to get the house tidied up - we're opening the house to visitors now! If you are healthy and want to come meet Maddy, give us a call.


  1. What a cutie! I hope you keep posting frequently Wendy, though I know you're so busy!

  2. We definitely will be posting regularly - I don't want to forget a thing about these first weeks and it's going by so quickly already!