Sunday, February 28, 2010

What ever happened?

What happened to my sweet little girl? Evening comes and we have a complete GRUMP on our hands. I had Maddy in my arms, cuddled up. She was good, calm... and fell asleep. Without me moving, without a noise made her eyes FLY open. She looks around in shock, then immediately the face goes beet red, scrunches up and... WAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Or she's sitting contentedly... the fussing starts... pants are clean, food is refused, not warm, not cold, not sitting on anything pokey, not being tortured... and WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

She started out so calmly, we considered ourselves so lucky to have a sweet little girl. But she's started ramping it up at night, turning on the fuss-a-saur mojo. And now? She's a giant irradiated space crab. During the day she's still awesome fun... for now.

We know she's gassy. Is that it? Or growing pains? I went to a shower yesterday afternoon. The little boy is 4 days older than Maddy. And he's TINY in comparison. Then I held a 2 month old. Maddy is about his size in length and weight. She's half his age! Could it be the evil "C" word - colic. Whatever the reason, we have a grump on our hands. Well, most of the time. Right now she's in my arms... sleeping peacefully. Wait, no... as I type she's stirred and began fussing in her sleep. Little whimpers and her face starting to scrunch... Ah, little Maddy... you make life interesting!

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