Monday, February 22, 2010

"Come meet Maddy Open House"

The open house? It was a wonderful time. We had about 40 family and my parent's friends come to see her. There were drinks and food and visiting. Although mom mad about food for 150 which means MUCH leftovers for us.

Despite how wonderful it was, it was a tiring day for Neil and I though. Maddy was a trooper and napped much of the time as she was passed from person to person. Now that she's on the right formula, she's back to being a sweetheart. But this mom and dad haven't had that much interaction with other people in many weeks now. So we're both a little bushed. Today will be a quiet day. Some sleeping and then some thank you cards - our family and parent's friends were crazy generous in gifting and there are so many people to thank!

I feel bad that I think we missed people that wanted to hold Maddy. Last night I kept having a dream that Ruth kept asking to hold Maddy and I kept not being able to give Maddy to her. And I know yesterday she wanted to hold Maddy, but I am not sure if she did. Isn't it funny, what gets stuck in your head when you are so sleep deprived? It's also so hard to get the chance to talk to everyone you want to, even with just 40 people there. But it truly was a wonderful afternoon. Dad took pictures, I'll have to attach some later. My camera was left in the bag all afternoon. Oops.

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