Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weight update

Today has been a busy day! This morning we went to the breastfeeding clinic at the RAH (which I would highly recommend). The verdict is? I have low milk supply. They can't think of a medical reason why. And even with trying Maddy on the breast, pumping, medications... I am just not a producer. Well, there ends any career aspirations to be a wet nurse! *grin* We'll keep things going as they are for as long as we can. At least until Maddy is a month old. But right now she's on at least 50% formula or more. I just don't have more to give her.

But the happy news is what we're doing? It's WORKING! Our little one is now 7lbs, 15oz - a gain of about 12oz in 1 week! She made it to birth weight and beyond and is doing really well now. You can see it in her little chubby cheeks... she's a healthier kid now.

And talking to the nurses and the doctors, everyone has been supportive of me and the journey to breastfeed to date. And everyone is telling me to make the right decision for me and Maddy - there is no pressure to breastfeed exclusively, there is no censure for not being able to. And now that the hormones have subsided, I am feeling better about it all.

This afternoon we went to the doctor, who wanted to get an update on Maddy's weight. The doctor was happy! So no more visits for Maddy until she's 6 weeks old.

So today we went to the breastfeeding clinic, then for Pho, then to the grocery store then home for an hour before packing up to go to the doctor and once more to the grocery store (mommy brain forgot what was on the grocery list this morning). And Maddy was a complete doll for the whole time. We are so lucky to have such an easy going little girl. However, mom and dad are exhausted today. Last night I got 3 hours up for 1.5 hours, then 1 hour sleep. Not enough. I have to go get the dogs from doggy daycare then home for dinner and a nap. Nap... must nap... so sleepy. But Maddy? She's worth every lost second of sleep.

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