Friday, February 26, 2010

Month one letter

Dear Maddy (or Maddie as your father calls you)

One month ago today everything in our lives changed. After 30 hours (yes, I will keep saying how long it took) you came into this world. With a healthy squawk, our baby girl was born. And nothing has been even close to the same since then. Our days and nights have been filled with watching you, feeding, you, caring for you. You are our little dictator and we are always at your beck and call. And there isn't a thing I'd change.

I thought it would be hard to make the transition to being a mom - not sleeping, not being free to come and go on a whim, or not being able to take a day off from being responsible. But it was immediate and I barely remember a life without you. I don't want to think about a life without you. I was happy before and life was good. But with you here, I am happier than I thought possible. You have filled a part of my life that I didn't know was there and was empty.

Your first week was hard, I didn't make enough food for you and you slept so much. The more you ate, the more you became alert. Now? You are awake more of the day than you sleep, always wanting just a little food, always wanting to be held... and if we don't respond immediately? Instant fussing! You have partial control of your head and have for a week or so - something that the milestones say a 2-3 month old should have. Your little hands are always open if you are awake, as you explore your world. You love to look around at new things, new patterns, new perspectives. You have been smiling for awhile but we're watching for smiles in reaction to something specific. We heard one giggle, when you were about 2 weeks old, and it brought tears to our eyes, the most beautiful sound I have heard yet. You also love sounds. Singing or jingling or talking will calm you. Well, except my singing. That still makes you grimace *grin*. Soon you won't be able to fit in your newborn outfits, you are just getting that long. I see this as an ongoing problem, you are so much longer than you are wide. Like your dad, it will be hard to find pants that aren't too short. In 2 weeks we go to the doctor, to find out how much you have grown. At birth you were 90th percentile for length (at 53cm) and about 50th percentile for weight (at 3460g). Although at your one week visit you were only 51.8cm. So either you shrunk a lot or the hospital or the nurse made a mistake. We'll see which it was at the 6 week visit.

Soon baba and dido will be here, we're having pizza and watching hockey on TV to celebrate your one month birthday. Maybe not what you'd choose, if you had the choice, but we'll also all be taking turns holding you and talking to you and trying to keep you happy.

Your mom and dad love you so very much and we're so excited to have you here and to watch you grow. Remember that fussing I just mentioned? Well, you are doing it again... time to go relieve your dad from dealing with your fussy and take my turn at it. Although today you much prefer his company to mine. That preference changes daily *grin*

Happy one month birthday, my Maddy-girl!



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