Friday, February 19, 2010

Gas... OMG gas...

Well, we tried formula #3 which was supposed to be amazing. For Maddy? It lead to more amazing gas, bowel movements of frightening colours and constant small feeds. So? Back to the one we started with and we are not switching again. I still so wish that I was able to exclusively breastfeed. Even to be able to pump enough and bottle feed her... But my production is not increasing. In fact, I stopped the medications one day, accidentally - it was a sleepy day - and I went down to almost nothing. So back on meds and going to pump/feed until she's at least 1 month old. I can now pump 3oz a session (both breasts completely empty). But Maddy is eating 6oz a feed now. Yes, our little girl likes her food!

But the gas has led to a fussy Maddy. We have been able to eventually calm her, but even for the few hours of fussing and crying both Neil and I were in such pain. The helplessness of knowing your child is upset and not being able to help them... once more I am so thankful that Maddy isn't colicky. And I have even more respect for parents who have had to deal with a colicky baby.

And now for pics!

Fast asleep


First bath! 

Look at those curls

Our little cutie pie - in her first outfit (other than sleepers)

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