Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where has my little baby gone?

I know I'll be saying this for years to come, but this morning I was laying in bed with Maddy and I was struck by how big she is now. Her little newborn sleepers are days away from being too short, her body is filling them out completely, her head? Wow... her head is changing shape daily - and growing too. And her dark blonde hair? It's now RED! Not sure how it happened, but there is definite redness to her hair. Although Neil was born with red hair that fell out and then became blonde. Although his beard is still red.

She's definitely well over 8lbs now and eating up a storm (she had 28oz of food yesterday!). She's more alert and interacting with us. She'll smile and giggle when her feet are tickled. She'll look for us when she hears our voices (although I can walk into a room where she's sleeping and when I speak, she cries. I am trying not to take it personally *grin*). She calms when she hears her dad singing to her (although she has a good enough ear to cringe from my warbling voice). She loves to stretch out and kick and flail and arch and experience her body in space. She's always trying to get her little hands (with the vampiric nails) into her mouth, often leaving little scratch marks on her cheeks. She'll interlace her fingers together and then look at us expectantly. When unswaddled, she'll fall asleep with her arms raised and hands by her face in a little victory cheer.

I keep wanting to take pictures and capture each moment, each sound, each stretch. But then laundry calls, or pumping, or dishes, or the most important - watching her learn her world. But the camera must come out more, before these moments are gone forever.

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