Thursday, February 25, 2010

Off to work we go!

Well, more off we went! This afternoon from 1-330pm Maddy and I went to visit the people at my work. And we had a wonderful time!

I thought Maddy was a little grump - she had to eat a few times and would fuss when she was hungry. Although everyone said she was a little sweetheart, which helps put grump-a-saur into perspective. She really is such a sweet little girl, it's easy to forget how good we have it. And it was nice to see the folks at work and get to catch up with them a little bit. I miss some parts of work - mainly the people there. Some fabulous folks in that area!

Life otherwise has been fussy here. We're trying to figure out what's setting her off. She's just a GRUMP in the evenings. We have figured out she's fussy when she has to poo. She's quite dramatic about pooing, it's a production *grin*.  And we have figured she's likely been too cold. So we've been bundling her up more and always having a blanket on her which is also helping the grump. Although as I type? I hear her waking and fussing. And her eating has changed - she's eating only about 2oz a feed, but wanting to be fed much more frequently. Hopefully she reverts back to big feeds, less frequently. She's a slow eater, so now it feels like we're always feeding her. But she's still really good through the night, which is awesome! Don't change that, please, Maddy... please!

Tonight I am going for dinner with a girlfriend - my first social outing without Maddy. I am looking forward to it, to catching up with a friend, but feel a little sad about leaving Maddy. And bad about leaving Neil with grump-a-saur in the evening. But only a little sad and bad - a mom needs a bit of a life too! :)

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