Thursday, August 26, 2010

Month seven letter

Dear Madds,

My love, my girl, my baby. You are now 7 months old!

You are my strong little girl. You know what you want, and you let us know when you aren't getting it (or when we take it away). Mostly your vocalize your displeasure through closed-mouth whining. Loud closed-mouth whining. Your joy? You either sing (aka squeal) or just smile the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. But we never wonder what mood you're in or what you're feeling. Your emotions bubble out of you!

You are also such a social little girl. You will smile at almost anyone and almost anyone can hold you. Although once in awhile you still play shy, often at the time when we want you to be social the most. But I think that's the way of the child, always keep mom and dad on their toes!

You're an explorer. You look at everything, you touch everything, you eat everything. You were just exploring the stereo. You actually opened the cassette deck and have your fingers in there. Rolling is getting you most places now except the one direction you want to go - forward. You are still trying your hardest to fly and flutter yourself forward! and when it doesn't work? We have whining and you drop your head into the carpet and flail in frustration. Although you are now getting on your hands and knees. We all cheer when you do it and then you drop to your belly and raise your head, with a proud grin on your face.

You do not like to be still. Sitting is not for you. It's either standing (and bouncing) or rolling. You CAN sit, in either your stroller or highchair or car seat. But on the floor? You almost immediately flop to the ground and head off in a direction. My little mover and shaker...

Cuddling still is not a favorite thing to do. Although those times when you do drop your head into my neck and hold on tight? They make my heart sing. You are so perfect in my arms, little one. You generally snuggle only when you're sleepy and it's nap time. If you're alert you are on the move! Your other sleepy tell is sucking your thumb. We're trying to discourage you from sucking your thumb when you're out and about right now (in fear of future orthodontic bills) but your thumb in your mouth to sleep is what you need.

Sleep... after months of sleep issues I think we have a firm grasp on sleep! You easily go to bed between 7 and 8pm and you sleep until about 6am. Then you sing and play in your crib until about 7am (when momma gets up). You are a happier baby with that time to slowly wake up. This morning I found you on your back, feet hooked on the top of your crib bumper and the hugest smile on your face. You are still having three naps a day (8, 1130 and 230-ish) but we're going to work on moving it to two a day.

You are a good little eater. You have solids three times a day plus bottles in between. You are good with almost any food now, even mushy peas which you HATED before. Today, in honour of your birthday, we're going to try salmon. You happily eat in your highchair and then after each meal get a few minutes to play with your spoon and drink from your sippy cup.

We still call you Madds, Maddy, and NuNu most. And I am pretty sure you understand your name, you almost always look when we call for you. Except, of course, if there is something really interesting in front of you, then we're easy to ignore.

Seven months together and you're my perfect little love.There is nothing more fulfilling than getting the honour of being your mom. Hopefully I can do a good job and teach you the skills you need to succeed and the confidence to achieve what ever it is you want. It's the most important thing in my life right now.

Love always,


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