Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things I forgot in 5 days

1) How much STUFF a NuNu needs
2) How much planning leaving the house entails
3) How to plan a day around naps
4) How grumpy she is when she is awoken abruptly
5) How LOUD a NuNu is (especially when grumpy)
6) Seriously, how BAD it is to wake her abruptly... very very very LOUD bad

While I didn't forget this, it really is so wonderful to have my baby girl in my arms again, where she belongs.

Also, just because I need to chronicle this. Today we retired Maddy's bucket car seat. A few days before her 7 month birthday and we switched her to a rear facing convertible seat. She's comfortable in there, I am certain I installed it correctly, and it is higher so that she can see out better. Her favorite part (still) is the tightening strap, which she has already nom-nom'ed. Also? It's gonna be harder without the bucket. I have to hold her in my arms and can't put her down. So I can't carry much out, locking the door is harder, and I see more trips to and from the car in my future. But my little (big) girl continues to grow and change at a pace I was not expecting.\

Another chronicle... her pjs? 12-18 months now. Her clothes are comfortably roomy at 12 month size. I bought winter jackets for her, at 18 month size, because anything smaller won't fit by October. She's definitely her father's daughter.

Today (as alluded to above) Madds was woken abruptly from her nap by mama and wow. Just WOW. The fit? It was epic in it's enormousness. Much snot (and loonie sized nose snot-bubbles), and tears and wailing and sadness. For 45 minutes. Straight. Did I mention LOUD? She is just distraught when she isn't allowed to wake up slowly. I see icky school years. But after the fit? She REALLY looked like me. I am not sure what that says about me... but... wow.

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