Sunday, August 8, 2010

We have a highchair. It was complicated.

We finally have a highchair! We were lent one, by a friend, and we were going to go with that one. But our Madds? She just fits now, and although she has slowed down on the growing she won't fit it for long. So we started the hunt.

First? Wow, expensive! Second? Many are quite.... unappealing... visually... But we found one we loved on paper. This one. We wanted to get it in white and orange. Apparently it doesn't come in white and orange in Canada. Pink was ugly. We were going with blue and white! But we can only get it through special order, sight unseen. One smaller more local store it would take 4-6 weeks. But if we didn't like it, we couldn't return it. Um... So we spend a good chunk of money on the chair and we take all the risk? No. Another larger corporate store would order it in, and we could return it if we didn't like it. But 6-8 weeks until it comes in. Madds is eating three meals a day and it's safer for her to be in a chair instead of on the table in the Bumbo. So we gave in and bought something there. It was 1/3 cheaper and isn't HIDEOUS.

Carter's® 'Bumble' Folding High Chair

And the Nunu in the highchair? Makes it ADORABLE!

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