Wednesday, August 4, 2010

She's an inch/mile kind of girl

OK. Guess what this is about. Sleep. Yes, sleep. Again. ARGH!

Maddy normally wakes at around 8pm, after we put her to sleep. We were Ferberizing her when she woke (wait, then go in and calm her). But a few days she missed her before bed bottle due to an early bedtime and a full solids belly. So I went in and fed her a bottle. And then the next night? She was SCREAMING and missed the bottle... so I went back in for a bottle. But it was all cool! She'd sleep until 5am for a feed then was up at 7am. And then 5am became 3am which was 130am last night. Plus a 5am feed... So 3 full feeds after her bedtime. And those are about the times she wakes in her sleep cycle. Add the 11pm wake? And we're back where we were. I gave her an inch (one bottle) and she's running a full mile.

So, tonight it's back to an evening bottle before bed and then Ferberizing the first waking. What's going to make this even more challenging that usual? Maddy has started SCREAMING when she isn't getting what she wants or attention. Not crying. Top of her lungs, ear splitting, monitor distorting, shrill, loud SCREAMING. If you heard it, you'd know why I must capitalize it.

And I am going to try to shuffle her naps a little. She has three 30-45 minute naps, at 9am, 1130am and 2pm. I am going to push the 9am back a bit and see if we can skip the 1130 and then make the afternoon one at 230-3pm and then maybe we can keep her up past 6pm and get a night bottle in. Maddy, there are thousands of words, as a record to you on what we do to get you to sleep. As a teenager this may backfire (as you try to sleep your day away) but at least you'll know!

In non-sleep news? Madds had yogurt for the first time and I think it was a success. It's hard to tell, the first few feeds, but she definitely didn't hate it. We have meat, veggies, fruit and now dairy in her and so far (knock on wood) no problems!

Teeth. She's getting closer! When she smiles her huge open mouth grin you can see white under her gums, the bottom two teeth are starting to emerge. But I still can't feel them, when I brush her gums. I am not sure I am ready for that toothless grin to disappear.

Someone is calling for brekkie! Must answer to the the boss and her needs.


  1. Oh sleep! Why oh why are you such an elusive beast!?

    I think we're close to teeth too. One of these days! The Bebbeh has been miserable the past week or so. Blerg.

  2. Miserable babes are achingly hard. But tonight has been a good one, so far. She went down at 7pm and has been asleep since then. Here's hoping mama gets a good night sleep!