Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Stuffs

1) My daughter is apparently incapable of waking up from her afternoon nap in a good mood. Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy! She's laying on the floor, on her stomach, with her head buried in the carpet, feet kicking and whining because I won't let her eat the hair-covered dog blanket.

2) I FIXED MY FAUCET. An internet order for a stupid proprietary wrench-like thingy for a discontinued kind of faucet, $50, a visit to Purolator later and it's done. You have to live in our house to understand how amazing that is. But still cheer a little for my faucet please.

3) I tried the one-piece snow suit on Maddy today. It's huge but she's growing fast. Although it made me realize that winter is coming. Well, that and a high of THIRTEEN on Saturday. Ugh.

4) Another Maddy grumpy fit because I took away the used dog toy and replaced it with her shockingly expensive Sophie toy, which is really just a dog toy made of safe plastic. This kid knows what she wants!

5) I think the dogs are now scared of Maddy. When she rolls near to them, they move away quickly. It's either because of the LOUD noise she can make or maybe it's because she keeps trying to eat their toys. Either way, it's cute, in a funny kinda way.

6) Laundry and dishes never ever ever end. Ever.

7) I think Maddy can only squeal now. She doesn't chatter or babble or talk. Just squeals. It's kinda painful. any advice on how to get her to babble more?

8) Today I had my proudest mommyhood moment. I made Maddy giggle until she had tears! Nothing sounds better to my ears than her laugh.

Aaaaand... end scene.

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