Monday, August 16, 2010

My little... boy?

Today I had my first post-pregnancy physio this morning. That's another post... But when I came home baba had put Madds in a tee shirt we bought when I was pregnant and we were still calling Maddy "Sprout". It says sprout *grin* She was also in a green pair of sweats and was adorable! But? With the colours and styling of the clothes and Maddy's short hair she looked like... a boy.

It was strange seeing my daughter look like a boy, but we were just hanging around the house. Then tonight we went out to do errands. I was going to change Maddy into something more girlie. Neil asked me why. Well, my baby girl looks like... a boy. Neil pointed out that I was being silly (I was) and we left the house.

He was right, but I cringed when I think I heard some women commenting on our little boy. At this age children really are so androgynous. Without the trappings of society (or nakedness) you really can't tell if a baby is a boy or girl. But there is something so strangely upsetting when someone thinks your child is the gender they are not.

Also, in this picture I see my mother. It's so strange to me...

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