Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is all happening so fast!

Madds had an off day today. She was sleepy all day (and thus grumpy) even though she had 4 naps. The things she usually loves would barely crack a smile, like tongues sticking out, the tractor game, Itsy Bitsy Spider, sneezing... She also ate more than usual.

Today at lunch Madds finished everything on her plate and wanted more. I put her sippy cup on her tray table and went to the kitchen to get more food. These sippy cups? They are awesome! Very light and easy for her to pick up. When I returned Maddy had picked up the awesome sippy cup, placed it in her mouth and tipped it up. She was giving herself something to drink.

This is all happening too fast...

Tonight at dinner again I gave her her sippy cup and a spoon with some food on it. And she sucked on the spoon and drank from the cup. She even made motions to hit the spoon on the top of the cup and then put it in her mouth. Too soon she'll be feeding herself (and the ultimate mess that will ensue).

While she doesn't always get it right

In fact, it can go quite wrong

But sometimes it comes together and it's drinking magic!

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