Saturday, August 7, 2010

We made the decision

Well, from the start Neil was ok with having Maddy stay home with baba and dido. He let me make the final decision, and he would support me either way. I was not ready to leave her. I still am not ready. But? I came to a decision. Maddy will stay in Edmonton when we go to Kelowna.

Already I am hurting at the thought of being away from her. It's going to be so hard... but 10 hours of driving for Maddy would be too much. She doesn't like to be in any one spot for any length of time. And with the stops and breaks for her, it would be more like a 14+ hour drive. And Neil would have to drive most of it, if Maddy came, since there isn't really enough front passenger seat space for him with the car seat in. Madds would have her sleep schedule messed with, a new place and all. And we JUST got some control over the sleep thang! Baba and Dido love her so much and are amazing with her. They will get the chance to spoil her and spend loads of time with her. And with Maddy only waking once it should be easy on them. And it'll be easier in Kelowna as a duo. We can even do a wine tour!!

I can list so many reasons why it's better for Maddy to stay in Edmonton. The only real negative is being away from her. Even now I have tears in my eyes... It's going to be agony to be away from her for that long. I think the longest I have been away from her is about 3 hours. This will be FIVE DAYS. She's so frighteningly close to crawling. What if she does it while we're gone?

I am not sure I won't change my mind. But we're starting the process of teaching baba and dido everything Maddy. And I am trying not to think too hard about being apart from her.

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