Friday, August 6, 2010

She knows what I mean, if you know what I mean

I know you're all itching to know... sleep is going ok! We have delayed Madds' bedtime to about 7pm and making sure she gets her evening bottle before bed and she's sleeping through. Well, one waking between 3am and 5am and then back to bed until 7am. Is this interesting? No. Will this be the last I write on it? Also no. Hehe. 

And I think today Madds understood her first word. The word? No. 

She was having brekkie and as soon as the spoon with food was out of her mouth the fist/finger/bib covered fist was in her mouth, spraying food everywhere. I kept pulling her hand away from her mouth, in an attempt to thwart her. After about 10 attempts I finally looked her in the face and said "Maddy? No."  She looked back into my eyes, a huge frown took over her face and then proceeded to have a little tantrum. Apparently "No" is not the word she wanted to hear. She's also starting to recognize her name. Preliminary language skills... it's amazing how much she has learned and done in her 6 short months on Earth. 

She's definitely trying to communicate herself. Our days are filled with high-pitched, ear piercing screeches. If this continues I can definitely see an operatic career ahead of her. Here is a short video. Keep in mind, she's been doing this for hours already today and is a bit hoarse. As you watch, please make sure the volume is down. Trust me. 

She's also interacting with her world, with purpose. On Thursday we had 2 of her little friends over for a visit. All three sat facing in each other, in a circle and had preliminary play! They touched each other! They looked at each other! There was some unintentional scratching and hair pulling but it was a glimpse of a future with play dates and best friends. And in my photographic BRILLIANCE I didn't get a picture of all three kids looking at the camera. So first it's Maddy in the centre (obviously) and Caleb to the right. Then Maddy and Kiran to the left. Yes, my daughter is the one sitting all by herself, with no support, even though she still tends to topple over. I was taking pics though! And I know the other moms would have Madds' back. Literally. 

And one more of my girl. She's discovered she has a head and keeps reaching up to touch it and touch her hair. Adorable and if you get just the right pic? Funny too! 

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