Monday, April 25, 2011

Another molar - number 3

I have had FIVE days at home with my girl! And they have been awesome days. Thursday was daycare day, Friday was family day (which had lots of tickling, giggling and some grocery shopping), Saturday I went for brunch with friends and then it was the day to go for a walk, Sunday was Easter and all the stuff Easter brings (eating and eating) and today dada was back at work and mom, baba and Maddy went out. So much family time and relaxing and errands. There was a time long weekends were about staying up late, sleeping in, relaxing... maybe a brunch or dim sum. And talk of getting things done but never quite getting around to it. Being a parent changes it all.

This weekend has revolved around daycare starting in 1 week. What does that mean? How will it all change? Changing Maddy's routine already... I am nervous about Maddy and how she'll handle it all. I am nervous about her getting hurt - there are 11 other kids, most older than her. I am sad for my mom, who is already missing her Nunu. I am also sad for my dogs, who haven't been home alone for about 3 years now. We will adjust, we will be just fine. Eventually. Once I adjust. Yah, I think it's going to be hardest on me.

The other day at the park, when Maddy was crying because we put her in the swing, I managed to peer into her mouth and saw molar three emerging. I have to say, she must be getting used to it because other than loads of drool she's not at all grumpy. All 5 of us went for a walk and it worked! Except for the fact Maddy hated the park this time around. But she loved the breeze on her face while walking and watching the "bups" run around. And the bups? They loved getting outside for the first time in a long time. And this will have to be the norm now, loads more walks.

Life is wonderful, life is all about Maddy. And there isn't a thing I'd change.

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