Friday, April 1, 2011

Pics and pics and pics of Maddy!

It's been awhile since pics have been posted. So... happy Friday!

We got some sad news today (no worries, everyone is perfectly fine) so we had a pan of homemade brownies with icing and with wine and pear cider. And giggles with the Maddy, because that makes everything better. And with the giggles came the camera!

 Maddy up close (with smudge on her nose). 

 If you look CLOSELY at her bottom gums, you can see tooth number 4 on the bottom front and the the bumps of the 2 molars. 

This one? I just like how it looks photoshopped in from an old picture. And since I don't have photoshop (or any program to edit pictures) it's even more fun to me!
Plus, I can see a glimmer of the adult Maddy in the blur. 

Maddy at the front door, enjoying the start of spring!  

Nie nie Maddy and Roger. Nie nie. 

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