Saturday, April 9, 2011

More new for the nunu!

Maddy is once again (still?) teething. But her one molar is completely out and the other, on the bottom, is almost out. But there is still quite a bit of gum over the tooth. However, teething + a meh nap = GRUMP. Despite the grump she still does something new and awesome everyday! Today? It was JUMP.

For a long time Maddy has found jumping hilarious. When we jump near her, laughter. When we jump holding her? More laughter! And today, she jumped all on her own! Did she get much air? Hells no... but she thought it was crazy fun. She'd bend her knees and quickly straighten them. Sometimes one foot would leave the earth, sometimes she stayed firmly on the floor. But it's something new, something fun, something she figured out all her own. So much she's just... picking up on her own. I don't know what I thought, that I would have to teach her things like jumping? That it would take explaining, not just her watching us and figuring it out... but what it is, it is awesome!

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