Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anyone know the baby sign for Advil?

Maddy woke up at her usual 620am, but she woke up a little off. And as the morning progressed so did her off. This morning she demanded to be picked up, demanded to be put down, demanded "DIS", demanded whatever she could reach in her ever growing arm span... and when I refused to comply with the demands? She LOST HER MARBLES. Repeatedly. Frequently. Head thrown on the ground, wailing, tears and snot... The only time she was ok was when we went out to a friend's for a playdate. Although she was still a little off there still. She had a good nap (2 hours) and loads of food... and after mama figured it out, Advil.

Maddy demanded to be in my arms and she began to reach towards the cupboard where we keep her snacks. She flailed and fussed and no treat would satisfy her. No item to play with made her happy. And her frustration mounted...

Neil was changing her diaper and I brought in a syringe of advil, in case the grump was teething related. And Maddy calmed. For the first time that morning, she calmed. I carried her back into the kitchen and there was no more reaching. Soon after, I threw her down for a nap and hauled my ass to do errands (groceries). As I was driving, it hit me. Her reaching for the cupboard... was that for the advil? She calmed after the advil... Oh geez. Was our daughter asking for drugs?? Rudimentary conversation is nice, but it'll be even better when she can really tell us.

But days like today? They are great forms of birth control... I can't even imagine days like today if there were 2.

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