Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daycare visit? Done! And lunch box bought too.

This morning Maddy and I went to her new daycare to visit. The staff there are still just so amazing! And I am still completely confident about this choice. I put Maddy on the floor and off she went - exploring and playing and throwing everything everywhere. Then there was gym time, and I got to watch Maddy run around with a hockey stick or a ball. Never quite hitting the stick to ball, but she had fun nonetheless!

There are more boys than girls there - there were 6 boys and 1 girl there this morning. And one little boy (who is almost 17 months) took a little shine to Maddy, and would follow her around. But Maddy is still mostly in the play near versus play with phase. It'll be fun to watch that change over time.

Then we went home for a nap. Yes, both of us napped. I can't remember the time I last curled up with the pups and slept during the day! Then more errands (washing the car, getting gas, buying more pants for Maddy). And I got her lunch box! A friend suggested Old Navy for retro tin lunch boxes. At first glance I liked the orange crush one. BUT the I looked. It said "Everyone likes a (orange) crush" with orange being harder to see. And the grammatical error? My crazy self could not deal with it. There were a few candy themed ones. Or soda. In the end, I grabbed a Hello Kitty one. I still love the yoda one best, but this one will be good too.

And, really, life is good! Maddy has a wee break from teething (although the drooling is starting again... already!) and is her usual awesome self. Spring is in the air and the time of hibernating is coming to an end. We're getting more and more active, starting projects around the house, looking at the mountain of dog poo in the back yard that the retreating snow is uncovering. And "Ai" (aka Olivia) is on TV right now - Maddy is overjoyed! She can't say her own name yet, but keeps chanting "Ai". What a perfect Thursday-day-off!

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  1. Glad you found something you liked that wasn't too offensive. I really liked the orange crush one too, but I didn't notice that error. I walked away - as quick as can be - because I really don't need another lunch box!