Monday, April 4, 2011

Choo choo!

Maddy has reached the questioning phase. Every day, everything is "dat?" or "dis?" and a cute little finger pointing. Anything is fair game to be explained. Pictures on walls, walls, lights, appliances and a favorite to question? Images in books.

There are books she loves - alphabet books. She grabs one, waves it at us until we obey and then we read. With the images I'll often make sounds or noises to match. A current favorite is "T".

There are three images in the book. Toothbrush, Turtle and Train.

When I read toothbrush, I make a brushing sound. When I read turtle I can't think of a good noise so I make none. But when I read train? I go "Chugga-chugga chugga-chugga choo-choo, CHOO-CHOO!" Maddy loves that one, and tries to mimic the sound I make, although it sounds more like "chugg chugg".

Tonight we were reading another little book and we were stopped at a page, she was pointing at everything and asking "dis?".

She pointed to the elephant. "Dis?" and I said elephant. And baby. And cloud. And then I said train. Maddy stopped, looked into my eyes and said "chugg chugg!" with great pride.

And that is when my eyes filled with tears.

Everyday she does something new that is awesome. Tonight I was carrying dinner to the table and called for her, and asked her to come to the dining room to eat. And she came. She chugg chugg'ed. She ate her slices of pear at dinner. She played with a mayonnaise jar. 

She is just an amazing, learning, funny and sweet little girl.

Who can't QUITE reach the bath toys in the bath yet.

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