Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 2 of Daycare

Today I took Maddy for day 2 of daycare. And today? SO much harder. Maddy cried when we walked in there - she understood this is the room where she gets left. And even while I stayed there for 30 minutes, trying to reassure her, she would be happily playing then just stop and cry. Wail, like her little heart was breaking. Finally, I had to leave to make it to work. I walked out and Maddy started crying. And I had to keep walking. The awesome staff were quick to run over, pick Maddy up and distract her. They know what they are doing. But this first time mom? She's feeling a little lost.

I know it'll get better, I know it's the best thing for Maddy. But as my wise mom says, her head knows it's right but her heart feels like she's deserting our girl.

Today I called (again) to see how she was. The staff we reassuring and Maddy was doing fine, after a few tears this morning. When I called I asked about how Maddy was doing they called me "Maddy's mom". The years of being known as "Maddy's mom" has started. I thought it would feel foreign, like someone way more responsible than I am. But, when I heard it, I felt like it fits. There is a large part of me and my life devoted to being Maddy's mom. While it isn't my entire life, I love it being a large chunk of my life for now.

Maddy's outfit for her first day of daycare. And in case you are wondering, she's holding a tightly sealed empty jar of my anti-aging cream. She found it upstairs and has become a favorite thing to carry around.

No, I don't get it either.

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