Monday, May 9, 2011

Update: Maddy's new tricks!

OK, we aren't sure it's daycare or would have happened anyway... but Maddy is blossoming! She's speaking so much more (or at least trying her hardest), she started singing on the weekend, she helped take her shirt off herself before her bath, she's answering more questions now, she's saying "hi", she's responding to our requests (like "Maddy, did you finish your milk?" and she went, found her milk and finished it). It's kind of frightening, how much and how fast it's all happening.

On Friday night we moved Maddy's bedtime. She has been going down at 7pm since she was 6 months old. At 15 months, it was time to make a change. Her bedtime is now 730pm, which means a lot more time with her in the evening, considering I get home at 445pm and have to make dinner, ready for 530pm. We eat, then I'd only have about 45 minutes with her. Now? Over an HOUR! And I have to say, I love the extra time! Before daycare Maddy would be acting tired by 6pm. Now, despite being more active than ever, she's completely alert and ready to go until at least 7pm!

Tonight from 630-7pm we sat with Maddy at the back landing. Maddy loves to crawl down the stairs to the landing when the dogs are outside and bark and wave to them. Tonight, even after the dogs were back in, we sat there and...

We waved

We reached for the door handle

We reached under the door

We told stories (Maddy was an enthralled audience)

We... um... well SHE... um...

And what a blast it was!

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