Thursday, May 26, 2011

Month Sixteen Letter

Dearest Maddy-girl,

Sixteen months ago today you came into our lives in a most dramatic way. After hours of waiting out you arrived, giving us the little blue finger and changing everything forever. And when I think about what you have accomplished in these last 16 months, it blows my mind. You sat, then ate solids, then crawled, then said a word, then walked. And all that time, you smiled and laughed and brought endless joy to our lives. Sixteen months... time is flying by at a speed which alarms me. It's almost JUNE. And you are sixteen months old. Already.

One month of daycare under our belts. And much of the last month? You have been sick. Today is one of your most sickest days, you have a fever and a cough. You stayed home from daycare today, being loved and cared for by baba and dido. I knew to expect illness once you started daycare, but it still breaks my heart to see you ill and listless. Although it is the only time you ever snuggle. Still not worth it, but at least you let us hold you and try to provide you whatever comfort we can. All day you rested, snuggled in baba's arms. Today when I came home, I didn't even take off my coat and ran to you. For the next nearly three hours you sat in my arms, head against my chest, and burned and burned. At 630 we gave you Advil and by 7 your fever was down and you stood and ate again. And now you are in bed, and hopefully will sleep well tonight. Tomorrow you will be home with baba again.

Your language has been blossoming this last month! Every day you use a new word, which amazes your dad and I. Shoe, tree, egg, pup, hi, bye, Elmo... And so many animal sounds now. Monkey, chicken, cow, sheep, horse... I think the part that was most unexpected is the words you learn that we aren't trying to teach you. Like Elmo. But, wow, you love your Elmo! I had baba go and buy an Elmo doll for you, just to watch your face light up when you see it. Tonight we gave you the baby Tickle Me Elmo doll! And? Nothing. Barely a blink. You were just too ill. Maybe tomorrow? But I know you love your Elmo, the other day we were in the grocery store and you leaned over in the cart and yelled "ELMO!". I looked around everywhere and couldn't see Elmo. Until I looked very closely at a book, and there he was. Elmo. You saw him! A very tiny him. At least we know your vision is good. But more than learning words, you are practicing speaking. Your babble and noises are sounding more and more like conversation. The ladies at daycare say you are on the cusp of conversation - you want to speak SO badly! I have the feeling that once you start, you are not going to stop...

My love, my baby girl, my Maddy. You are the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life and I love you so much. Happy 16 months! And here's to your renewed health and whatever the next month will bring.

Love always and forever,


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