Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday night, muggy night

Another week down. And I realized that not only did Madds have a cold, she also was teething AND going through a growth spurt. No WONDER she was a grump-a-saur! But I think the spurt has sprung and now we're just dealing with Maddy being able to reach a new height in the house. She's hanging off the countertops now (literally) and reaching doorknobs (but not able to turn them. Yet.)  and grabbing for things off the table (knives are now placed at the top of plates). And her third molar (her 11th tooth) is completely out and molar 4 is almost finished emerging. Twelve teeth. Twelve bouts of teething. And now I hope we get a small break. For awhile. A looooong while. And then the cold, which is still leaving a wee bit of snot everywhere. It's been a crazy week.

Tonight I was laying on my back, on the living room floor. When I get Maddy on the ground, on her back, I grab her arms and pin them down and say "nom... nom... nom... NOM" and nibble her armpits or cheeks or neck. When Maddy sees me laying on my back? Maddy thinks PAYBACK! Tonight she came giggling over and crawled up my belly. But every inch she got closer to my face was another inch of slobber she left, trailing up my shirt. Teething is DROOLY.

Daycare is a simple transfer now. Maddy walks into the room and the little boys there say "Hi Maddy!" and she walks in and says "HAI!". Then wanders off to play. When it's time for me to go, I say bye and Maddy and she "blows" me a kiss (she kisses her hand, but doesn't quite get the release) and says "BAI" and continues to play. It's a simple and easy transfer. Dad gets the special part of the day - the part filled with Maddy's face lighting up with joy and her running over, arms extended, chanting "dadadadadadadad". May 31 I have to go to the doctor (annual physical, nothing alarming) and will pick up Maddy on my way home. I can't wait to get the happy part of the day!

This is the first long weekend of the summer and I initially thought about making outdoor plans, but the quantity of mosquitoes may keep us more indoors. I just can't imagine coating Madds in DEET. Yet. And dad had Friday off, so it's just Madds and I on Monday. I think we have plans to go to WEM with a friend. Mum needs a new bra! Tomorrow the garden goes in (yay!) and then Sunday we're getting together with friends. A bust weekend, filled with family and friends and Maddy. Can't ask for anything more.

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