Sunday, May 15, 2011

Testing, testing

Hello again! It's been awhile. Blogger was down for a bit and then the weekend was FULL. And there was illness in the house. But were ba-a-a-a-a-ck!

On Friday morning Maddy woke with a runny nose. We still went to daycare, but the moment we got there Maddy decided to be a grump. She fussed and fretted and wouldn't let me leave. At one point, she started to cry when I walked away. The cry bought people from the other room running in fear of a serious fall. Nope. Just my girl being her loud self! Baba picked her up and took her home for the rest of the day. The three of them had a great time! Saturday was filled with compost buying and errands and errands. Same with Sunday. Well, no more compost but some bedding plants to put in the composted soil.

But Saturday? Saturday Maddy was out of sorts. She was a walking, snotty grump-a-saur. But life with a snotty nose (that mama keeps wiping) can't be fun. And if her cold is anything like the version Neil and I have? Comes with an aching throat to boot. Although I am certain her throat is just fine, considering she spent much of today in an awesome mood and laughing and squealing.

There are challenges to being Maddy's mom. She is a very determined little girl and isn't scared to lose her mind if things don't go her way. Today at the mall we let her walk around, but only if she held mum's hand. Maddy was loving it, and squealing in joy, until the shiny floor caught her attention and she wanted nothing more than to crawl on the mall floor. And then stand up and run, free from any encumbrance (like mum's hand). And that is just not ok. So we'd pick her up and hold her, if she wouldn't listen. And then she'd wail and throw her body backwards in protest. We're, luckily, getting to be very good and dealing with that little maneuver and could catch her before she fell. But the looks we got... I am happy that I can say that I am confident enough in my mothering skills that the looks of horror on people's face as they watch my kiddo pitch a fit do not make me wish the floor would swallow me whole. So far. If anyone out there has raised an independent child and has any advice on how we respect her strength and confidence but still corral her enough that she doesn't hurt herself... Please share.

Maddy's baptism date has been planned. The Minister has agreed to perform the ceremony. And today we got the yes from the godparents! Now just to plan the menu, finalize the guest list... and we're good to go.

Despite having a cold and aching throat and wanting nothing more than to sleep... the dishes and making Maddy`s lunch and making my lunch and folding laundry and dusting and... well, all the stuff that a mom does must be done.

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