Sunday, May 22, 2011


What WAS I thinking?! Of course typing that Maddy was on the mend meant that she got worse. Of course. She's snottier than ever and now has more of a chest rumble/cough that makes sleep a disrupted thing. And this morning she woke at 5am (UGH!) which meant she fell solidly asleep as we were driving home from the grocery store and that her nap was delayed. Those 15 minutes in the car seat? They turned Madds into a complete little hyper jumping bean. Well, except she crawled/chased the dogs more than she jumped. A little... dog chasing bean? Whatever she was, it was in an awesome non-napping mood. Finally at noon she fell asleep. And of course today is a day we had plans for 130, because she's always up by then. Ah well! The joys of being a mom to a toddler. One day it'll be trying to make plans for 130 and the effort will be getting her up for the first time that day, not from a nap.

 Last night Neil and I had a date night. DATE NIGHT! We went to a favorite restaurant, where we ate leisurely and chatted and lingered over drinks. Then we casually walked around Whyte ave and popped into a store here or there. Then went to a movie, holding hands in the back row. We had the chance, for the first time since September, to be a couple. Not parents, not with my parents. But just Neil and Wendy on a date. And it was GLORIOUS! We both feel more relaxed and more connected. One day Maddy will grow up, and once again it will just be Neil and I. Almost as important as being a team to raise Maddy is being a team that is still in love. Last night reaffirmed that we're still best friends and the stress of raising a toddler and maintaining a house and being slobbered on my 2 crazy dogs and working and life hasn't changed that a bit.

Well, time to get everything ready to be ready to head to an outdoor water park to enjoy the glorious sun and warmth (and get eaten alive by mosquitoes) once a Nunu wakes. Happy Sunday everyone!!

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