Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We kicked it

First daycare cold? Kicked to the CURB. Although mum and dad are still a little sick. But Madds is back to her normal self. We also had (more) teething this weekend and that seems to have passed too. Everything is better with a happy girl.

Otherwise life continues at break neck speed. Every night is busy with... everything. Cooking and cleaning and getting Maddy ready for daycare and just keeping life going. Soon there will be yard work too. This weekend, for the first time since Maddy was born, I just... I just wanted a day off. A day off from errands and house work and cleaning and laundry and keeping Maddy out of trouble. I just wanted to lay in bed, drink tea and read a book. I would have loved it if Maddy would have curled up with me and relaxed too... but I just wanted to stop for a day and be lazy. There was a part of me that felt so guilty about the way I felt. I never wanted to stop being Maddy's mom, but I just wanted to stop. As a mom you are never supposed to stop and never want to stop. And I wanted to stop. Did I? Of course not. We kept Maddy entertained and got bedding plants and get everything ready for the next day. But more than anything else, I wanted a day off.

In response to this, I have arranged for baba to come babysit and Neil and I are going on a date. Just him and I, for a few hours. I am also not telling Neil where the date is going to be. Surprise! We're also going to Calgary for a weekend in June, to help celebrate a friend's 40th birthday. Once again, it'll be a weekend without Maddy, and baba will get her fill with her baby girl. And maybe these breaks will give mum a wee chance to recharge.

Speaking of recharging... there is no chance for that tonight! Time to get to work - I am hoping to have an early bedtime tonight (ya right)

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