Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dr. Google and I were right! And early Father's Day too.

On Monday Maddy and I (and baba) went to the doctor to be sure her diagnosis was right (it was). But baba was worried and wanted confirmation and I was ok with that too. A virus, possibly Fifths, but without testing it can't be confirmed. And there is no reason to test, Maddy will be fine. We did get a humidifier for Maddy's room, to help her cough. Which worked last night. But also was NOT kind to the Maddster's hair-do. Not at all (see pic below).

Tonight we went to baba and dido's for a (very) early Father's Day dinner. Prime rib roast and cabbage rolls and potatoes and creamed spinach and broccoli and baked beans... and then brownies with cream cheese icing and cherries. And wow, it was waaaay too much food. But DAMN was it good! I meant to bring the Father's Day gifts with us (but that thing to remember fell out of my head, despite having a note written ON MY HAND). So when we got home I got the bag for Neil. In it were 2 cards - one from me and one from Maddy. And 3 t-shirts. One for Maddy, and 2 for Dada. And they were all Doctor Who inspired. I MAY have gotten one for myself too...

Neil's shirt says "Keep Calm and Don't Blink" with a TARDIS under Maddy's hand. Maddy's says "Five little Daleks went out to play... Over the hills and far away...". The other one for Dada says "I wear t-shirts now. T-shirts are cool." Mine has a silhouette of a screwdriver and says "Could use more sonic". You have to be a Doctor Who fan to get it, but I think Dada appreciated it. There MAY be something saved for Dada, for the REAL Father's Day.*

It was a glorious night! And now, there are dishes to do and lunches to make and dogs to walk and herbs to water and laundry t fold and laundry to do... Time to get at it!

* put in partially to see if Neil reads the blog... Shhhh! Don't tell him!

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