Friday, May 6, 2011

The most awesome daycare and most awesome present

I am so lucky and so happy that we got Maddy into the awesome daycare we got her in to. This morning it was a breeze taking Maddy in. We walked in (well, I walked and she was carried) and she was quite calm and once I put her down and she got into all the toys... she was just fine. She didn't even pay any attention to my frantic waving and and tearful gaze. She was having fun with Laura, reading a book! As I was hovering, enjoying a few seconds with my girl, one of the staff came in. The little boy - maybe around 4? 5? - from the older kid room noticed her come in and his face lit up. He called out to her and held his arms up for a hug and told her that he missed her. One evening away, and he missed her. And they thought that was normal! Laura's philosophy is that while the parents are at work, her job is to love the kids like they are her own. And it's so obvious she does.

Baba has been in serious (and grump-inducing) withdrawals from her loss of Maddy time. This morning baba came over to oversee a bunch of work being done at the house and then went to get Maddy. Baba and Maddy spent some time together this afternoon (having soft ice-cream). And when I got home there was a special surprise for me.

There was a pink bag with a smeared blue handprint on it. And my first every homemade Mother's Day card.

If you look closely, you can see a few blue and orange pencil marks on the bottom of the card.

I am a mom. I am a most amazing little girl's mom.