Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dr. Google made his first diagnosis in our house

Maddy has been ill the last few days. A fever and listlessness, no appetite and so sleepy. The fever broke yesterday but I noticed a very mild rash on her upper back. Today she was still sleepy and fragile and the rash was still there. So, for the first time, I asked Dr. Google what was wrong. I actually typed in "child illness rash". And it spit back... something reasonable.

There was a reasonably written, coherent, non-panicky post about rashes and what it could mean. And I think what Maddy has is something called Roseola. It fits, the fever, mild upper respiratory illness, the rash (Maddy's is very light). No panic, no frantic doctor's office calls, no worry. Maddy is being a child and developing an immunity to a common illness. And she'll be fine and I'll be fine and we're all just fine.

My girl slept in until 730am, had a 2 hour nap and woke from it still tired, and went down early without a peep. She'll stay home from daycare one more day, just so she can get all the rest she needs. Plus, she's a little clingy and whiny which won't be easy for the daycare staff. And? Baba loves the time with her girl. But tomorrow it'll be back to daycare and there will likely be another transition period.

But, we made it most of the way through our first virus/real illness. WOO HOOOOOO!

And Maddy continues to grow and develop and amaze us. She pointed to juice boxes that I buy and said "app joo", she took a kleenex from the box and wiped her nose (not well, but wiped), she stacked blocks one on top of the other, she can name "e-mo" and "doo-ah". She sees a "bup" (pup aka a dog) or "ki-ee" (kitty) or "tuh-tuh" (turtle) on TV or a book or poster and names it, she's stringing some words together like "hai bup!".  She's just wonderful and amazing and awesome and my Maddy-girl.

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