Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baba and Dido are home

Baba and Dido are home! They are home! And we're back to the full Maddy-raising team. It was wonderful to see Maddy in baba's arms again, to watch dido dance with her, to feel the love they have for little Maddy. Maddy (and mama and dada) got a few little gifts, which Maddy instantly put in her mouth. Of course.

On Monday we voted. Maddy, dada and I went to a school nearby and walked through it's dated halls. As an aside, the school was built in 1956, just a few years after our house was built. Back when this neighbourhood was filled with young families. Now? Now it seems old and tired. But there were signs of happy little children everywhere, which gave it a life that the cracked walls and cement floor lacked. We have talked about sending Maddy there one day... Back to Monday. We walked into the tiny gymnasium, and registered and filled out forms and were eventually given ballots. Maddy and I went behind the cardboard divider and I filled in three little ovals, as she watched. And being there, exercising my right to vote, with my daughter who will one day be able to vote... it literally moved me to tears. Well, the once-a-month hormones MAY have contributed some... but I teared up. Maddy was lucky enough to be born in Canada, today. She can do whatever in life she wants to do, she will most often be treated with respect for her person, seperate from her gender. She is safe and loved and healthy. She will one day vote. And so many people in the world, especially women in the world, will not have these Canadian basics. We are so blessed.

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