Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sing a song of signing

Today Maddy and I went to our first signing class! It was fun and there was loads of signing. I think they kiddos were a little uncertain about all the hand waving. And the cheering. But there were many kids to grab at and many toys to play with, which is always a hit.

I am not sure we're going to teach Maddy all the signing we're being taught there. Bubbles? Bear? Maybe not. But I want her to know eat, more, finished, bottle, milk, tired, hello, goodbye, play, mama, dada... maybe please and thank you (although the concepts are just too abstract for her yet). Mostly I want her to know food and more and finished, because those are the things I am never certain of because Madds is becoming very anti-puree. She prefers to feed herself, instead of being fed by a spoon. She'll let me feed her some by spoon, but only until she sees finger foods, then no way! But I am never sure when she's full or when she's sick of puree. Today she had her first all finger-food meal - black beans, macaroni and half a banana. And she loved it all! And only about 1/4 landed on the floor (to be scooped up by 2 hovering puppies)

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