Monday, October 11, 2010

We're making it!

Maddy and I are making it! We're surviving being a duo. Although we're missing dada so much. Yesterday we tried to Skype, to see dada and catch up. Maddy was having NONE of it. The second she saw her dada on the computer and talking to her she completely lost her marbles. Much crying and wailing and she was DEVASTATED. We quickly ended the call and I calmed Maddy. Poor girl, she did not get the fact dada was on the computer. Not even "Itsy Bitsy Spider" would calm her.

Today we went to a friend's place for Thanksgiving dinner. For about 10 minutes my friend's husband watched Maddy. He's amazing with kids! And for those 10 minutes I was able to let down my guard. I stopped listening and watching and caring for my daughter. I knew she was safe and I spoke to another adult and relaxed. For the first time in days I felt lighter. Soon, dada will be home and he and I can share the Maddy duties. One parent can do it all, but the constant strain of caring for another person, one who gets into everything, is hard. 

One more day until he's home and I can't wait... 

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