Sunday, October 24, 2010

It was everywhere

Last night Maddy had her first perogies (pics were taken) and a bunch of other food at our delayed Thanksgiving dinner. She also ate a LOT of mandarin oranges, a favorite of her's right now. By the end her stomach was huge! She sat on the floor and played afterwards. But kept burping up just a little bit of orange, something she normally doesn't do. We brought her home and she just wouldn't settle. Finally at about 830 I went back in and held her, singing softly. As I held her, she turned to the side and in the dim light I could see STREAMS of stomach contents coming from her mouth and nose. She was still again, and then another wave of sick. That's when I called for Neil. He got to see wave three. It was all over me, her, the floor, the crib... it was everywhere.

I stripped myself down to my tee and jeans, stripped Maddy down and then threw her in the bath. I carefully washed her and shampooed her hair. While I did that, Neil cleaned the room, stripped the bed, pulled all the dirty stuff out of the room. I brought Maddy into the living room to give her some liquids and make sure she was ok. Once we established Madds was ok, we settled her in for the night and she fell asleep quickly.

Neil was a little frantic but got everything done. I didn't get sick, despite being covered in it. Although I felt nauseous much of the evening and there was the smell of bile in my nose all night. But? We did it! We made it through our first projectile puking event and we managed very well. We did it as a team.

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