Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Month Nine Letter

Dear Maddy,

You are now 9 months old. Plus one day. I kind of missed your birthday yesterday, I was sick. Very achingly sick. I even thought about hopping on the computer to even post a few lines about being sick, but instead I slept. More. I slept all night, all day then all night. This morning I am better. Perfect? No. But I am able to get up, care for you, and function. Yesterday baba and dido and dada cared for you. Today I am caring for dada, he's sick now too.

And now you are 9 months and a day old! And you are, as always, just amazingly awesome.

This month has flown by. And when I think about your 10 month letter, I know that I'll be back at work and not with you all day. And it's breaking my heart. But back to you!

In this last month, your personality continues to shine through. You are just a happy baby! You are quick to smile at new people, you are content to play alone, you are always ready to laugh. Although when you are unhappy you are spectacularly unhappy. And I may have mentioned this before, but you can be loud.

You are mobile and crawling on your hands and knees. You get into everything. EVERYTHING. No corner of the main floor is safe from your exploration. Which means mama is constantly cleaning and tidying up. And you are on your knees reaching and grabbing everything. Not as much on your feet, yet, but at times. I see standing and walking on the horizon... And of course, as I have been typing this all day, you stood a few more times today. I am not sure your realize that you're standing as much as you are getting a better view of whatever it is you're looking at in front of you.

You are babbling so much more now! Ga ga ga ga, da da da da, ba ba ba ba and mumumumumumum. There are times when you sit in front of the mirror and happily chat to the baby in the wall. We can hear hints of your speaking voice now, in your babbling. And it will be adorable! Except when you're unhappy. Then you make a specific sound, a frantic EMMMMMM. Not AS adorable, but still awful cute.

TV is still your friend. You love to watch commercials best. And I think that's genetic. Aunty Iris was telling me a story, about how one of her nieces or nephews was obsessed with commercials. This child would ignore all shows, until the commercial was on, then would sit transfixed. That child? Was your mama. Although you still are pretty interested in Doctor Who, especially the music. I try to keep the radio on during the day, to prevent you from spending too much time watching TV but sometimes I forget. No mama is perfect!

Today you had your first milk. It was not a wild hit. You happily took your sippy cup but instead of what you expected there was milk. And that was not a happy taste. Even after a few sips, it led to this face.

This has been another wonderful month, another month filled with joy at getting to be your mama. As always, I can't wait to see what the next month will bring. Happy 9 months plus a day my baby girl!

Love always,


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