Friday, October 15, 2010

Dada came home, we are a family again

Dada came home late Tuesday/early Wednesday! We are a family of three again and it feels right. Although poor dada has had a hard time transitioning back. He's always worried that his baby-girl will fall over and get hurt. Now that she's crawling everywhere, pulling herself on to her knees all the time and pulling herself to standing once in awhile, it makes him nervous - and dada missed the 6 days of transition to this mobility that I had. But dada is starting to adapt and is loving the new Nunu! And (knock on wood) she hasn't really fallen hard yet. Yet. 

Every new phase of Maddy becomes my favorite one. I love the new mobility and her independence and the places she'll squish herself into! But I know the next phase of standing, then moving along the furniture, then walking, then talking, then... I am sure whatever comes will be my new favorite phase. Well, until we get to the teenage back-talk/attitude phase. I am pretty sure that won't be fun. 

But until then? Mirrors are so fun! Sitting in front of mirrors is so fun! Everything (except being grumpy) is so fun!

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