Friday, October 15, 2010

Tonight has been an amazing night

Tonight dada and mama were craving slurpees. Don't judge. Anyway, after I left dada and Maddy we hanging out in the living room. Maddy began to crawl away, to the kitchen, and was looking all around saying "mum, mum, mum, mum". SHE SAID MUM WHILE LOOKING FOR ME! When I got back, Neil told me. I held my daughter in my arms and cried... she knows I am her mum. I am her mum. I wish I could have seen it, but I know it's coming now. Mum. 

And then after dinner, all three of us were hanging around the living room, as we usually do. Maddy was hovering around the vent in the floor, as she usually does. But tonight? Tonight she babbled in a way and for a longer time than she's ever done before. There were many "ba ba ba ba" and "ga ga ga ga" noise and a few others mixed in. Maybe it's because we went to a mom's group filled with standing and babbling babies? This one? This one brought tears to dada's eyes. (video coming!)

And while I frantically vacuumed before Maddy's bedtime, dada and Maddy hung out. Maddy, not normally one to be held, sat happily on dada's lap for around 20 minutes. Another first! 

Every day with Maddy is so much fun, so amazing! She's just an adorable, sweet, funny, curious and engaged little girl. I never knew love could be like this... 

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