Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reliably sitting up

Awhile ago Madds sat up by herself for the first time. But once she did it, she didn't seem to continue the trend. Today? Today is non-stop sitting, then crawling, then sitting, then crawling. Just because she can now. And she is SO proud! But the way she does it is quite awkward, she gets on her hands and knees kicks one leg forward, while the other is still bent behind her and then plops her butt down. The she sits up and brings her bent leg forward. and it's adorable! But it really is obvious that kids her age have rubber bands for muscles. She's so flexible, my knees ache just watching.

She's also crawling so much more! She's reliably taking up to 5 steps on her hands and knees before collapsing to her belly. Although yesterday she crawled about 5 steps to the item she wanted and then stopped, without ending using her belly crawl. And she just did it again! Crawled forward to grab at the laptop cord (I think it has to be something motivating to get her to crawl). I sit back and watch her concentrate on getting one hand forward, then the other. And the babbling (not screeching) is starting too. Not too much, but it's definitely more words than noise. I can't wait to hear her little voice - I have an idea now what it will sound like.

And in scary news... Neil was supposed to go to San Fran. Leaving Thursday, back Friday. I could handle that! But today he founf out after San Fran he has to go to Indiana until next Wednesday. 7 days of just me and Nunu.  No baba for breaks. No dada for breaks. No breaks... I am a little panicked at the thought. I have been feeling meh of late and then add no breaks? But I know we will be ok. However, if anyone is in the neighbourhood (especially if they have wine) PLEASE stop by. Give me an adult to talk to!

Lastly, here is a pic of Maddy teeth! They are really coming in, on the bottom. And I have seen hints of upper teeth coming in too.

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