Friday, October 8, 2010

Doing it alone

Last week we found out Neil had to go to San Fransisco for work. But he was leaving Thursday, coming back late Friday. I'd miss him, but it would be all good. I could handle one night alone, just me and Maddy.

Early this week we found out that after San Fransisco Neil would have to go to Indiana. Until Late Tuesday. That makes me a single mother for 6 days. With no grandparents nearby to help. And over Maddy's first Thanksgiving. I was a little stunned. Dinner that night called for wine in the recipe, but I was just going to omit it. After hearing the news I opened a bottle of wine for the recipe. And finished the bottle afterwards. 

Honestly, I am not worried about caring for Maddy. She sleeps well at night and I'll have about 12 hours of a break from being mom. Plus 2 short naps. Although by Tuesday I know I am going to need a break from it motherhood. Just an hour away from the house alone, without kiddo and a diaper bag and blankets and toys and food and water and snacks and... You get it. 

The hard part? I am missing Neil. I am missing our evenings together, I miss having someone to talk to (who talks back). I miss talking and snuggling before bed. I miss my best friend. 

We're almost done day 2 now. Maddy is in bed, I am watching TV and on the computer. I may open another bottle of wine, to finish over the next few nights. I'll get caught up on my emails and maybe a few chores around the house. I hung a few pictures so far, did a bit of yard work, got an oil change and groceries. More yard work and other such activities are planned. I am just aching for adult conversation. 

In more lighthearted news! Maddy is sitting and reaching for anything and everything. I have to finish the baby-proofing the next 6 inches...

And in equally as cute, although even more frightening news, Maddy is trying to get onto her feet. No, she's not doing it the normal way, by pulling herself up, she's just trying to stand in the middle of the floor. She'll get herself on her feet and hands, in a modified downward dog, before she collapses to the floor. The picture below isn't quite the downward dog - Maddy had to keep her eye on the TV - but you can see her perched. 

It's been awhile since I have been able to write. This evening Maddy's nose started running this evening. Just a little. And then it ran more. And more. And she began to almost purr as she tried to breathe through her nose. Luckily Maddy is a mouth breather (like her mama) and it didn't bother her much. She had her evening bottle, and it was a bit more of a struggle. Then she went down to bed. And since then, she's been waking every 20 minutes of so in tears. She sucks her thumb to sleep but she can't breathe with her thumb in her mouth yet she can't sleep without it. And so she wakes upset. And there is nothing I can do. This is breaking my heart. And may also prevent a good night's sleep. Curses! I jinxed myself by saying caring for Maddy would be easy. I see a rough night ahead... 

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