Friday, October 1, 2010

We are still here!

We are still here and still doing well! Maddy is mostly awesome, except during the frequent grump periods this week. If she doesn't wake up slowly and gently? GRUMP! If her schedule is messed up too much? GRUMP! If she doesn't get enough to eat? GRUMP! If she's just in the mood for it? GRUMP! This week has been some frequent grump. But mostly awesome and amazing fun.

She's still JUST about crawling. Today I watched her trying to figure out how to get her arms going the way she wants, to crawl. She was on her hands and knees in a pool of sunlight on the kitchen lino. And her face would fill with concentration as she'd focus on lifting on arm, then the next... and after a few lifts, it was back on the belly and army-crawling anywhere and everywhere. 

Nothing 6 inches about the floor is safe! Because she's not sitting herself up reliably yet or crawling on her hand and knees she can only reach so high, to explore. So the house is pretty much baby-proofed to 6 inches. The rest? Well, it's time is coming. Today I heard her playing with the spring door-stop in her bedroom. But there was silence for a few minutes... I went to explore. Miss Maddy was army-crawling down the hall with the spring in her hand and a look of pure pride on her face! The muffin-head twisted and turned the stop until it came off in her hand. Oy vey... 

Well, I hear the thunk, thunk of army crawling punctuated by grunts and whines... Maddy snack time! 

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