Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween one, done!

Maddy had her first Halloween! It was a pretty low key affair. We started Maddy in a pair of almost too small pink pjs with a skeleton on them. That glows in the dark. It's for a 6-12 month old and I had to squish her in it.

Baba and dido came over and we all had dinner. Baba brought chili and garlic toast and Neil made his famous yummy caesar salad dressing. Of course, Maddy only ate what she could feed herself. That has not gotten any better. After dinner we dressed Maddy up as a peacock, and put the dogs in their annual Superman and Spiderman costumes. Every year since we got them they have dressed up in these exact costumes. Every year they have hated it. Every year I have a blast dressing them up and since I am the human... I win! Here is Maddy, being held by dido, with Sherman on the couch and Walter on the ground.

We took Maddy to one neighbour's place, to trick or treat. She was given a coffee crisp, which she chewed on happily, as we visited a little. We considered going to a few more houses, but the one other neighbour we know well had her lights out. And it was getting close to Maddy's bedtime.

Then we came home, played a bit and handed out candy. Twenty-nine kids. And between me and baba we bought about 400 pieces of candy. We were that generous house, the one that gave away handfuls of chocolate, and there are too many chocolates left.

Madds had her evening bottle. She has been having a blast running her fingers through her hair, especially when eating, and this results in crunchy hair sometimes. Crunchy hair I can have fun styling. FAUX-HAWK! Well, I said faux-hawk. Neil said Ed Grimley...

Maddy's first Halloween was underwhelming. She doesn't understand anything that is happening and while it was fun to dress her up, it was really just for us. One day it'll mean more, to take her out, and she can have fun deciding what to pretend to be. I think, also, that Halloween has never been one of the holidays that means a lot to me. As a child, I always felt my super-thick glasses ruined any costume. And I dreaded those houses where people would expect me to sing or something for my candy. Plus my irrational fear of spider webs (not spiders though) makes the decorations creepy and icky and gross and bad. Very very bad.

I want to be sure to let Maddy decide what holidays are her favorite, and not have me and Neil colour it but right now it's about me and Neil. So we kept this one low key. Christmas though? We are SO GOING OVERBOARD WITH THAT ONE! Can you tell it's my favorite holiday?

Happy Halloween!

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