Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who the HELL puts me in charge of these things anyway??!

Here is possibly one of those too much information posts. Be warned.

Neil and I have given ourselves this year to decide about a second child. We have talked about the pros (another little one to love, a sibling for Maddy) and the cons (the cost, the fact that life will be exponentially busier, the fact that as 2 only children we have NO CLUE about siblings) but have never really made a firm decision. Although we lean heavily to the three of us being enough. We have until the end of the year to decide.

Jump back to May, 2 years ago. I was tracking on a website my cycle to avoid pregnancy but kinda forgot to enter my cycle one month... and then kinda lost track of time... and kinda told Neil that it's totally a SAFE time to well... you know... and we kinda made a Nunu.

Move ahead to this last weekend. I am now much more advanced and am tracking my cycle on my phone. The IS an app for that. And I check my app frequently, just to make sure it's a safe time. Although with a 14 month old, even when there is a safe time there is often a lack of energy. I was certain I was safe, I was certain I checked my app on Friday and it said this weekend is free and clear.

Step back just one day to Monday. Sunday night I had heartbrun for one of the first times since labour. During pregnancy I had heartburn all the time. The yesterday Neil came home from work, saying that during the day he had a moment where he was certain he wanted a nunu version 2.0. Daily I have that flash of certainty in wanting, but it's just a flash. Since Saturday, I have been a little paranoid about thinking maybe we could have made a nunu (that is such an inidication of how infrequent the activity in question is) and I mentioned that paranoia to Neil. Tonight when I came home, somehow we got on the topic of my app and to PROVE to Neil that it really was a totally safe time to... well... you know... I pulled out my phone, opened my app and showed him. I showed him that the night we... well... you know... was the night before I ovulated. Which is one of my most fertile nights in the month. Damn.

Neil then became absolutely convinced that we are now expecting baby 2. There was much angst and joy and excitement and fear and smiling and hand wringing. There was a moment where Neil tried to hide under a trivet. There was a point where he poured himself (and me) a gin and tonic. I did not point out to him that pouring ME a drink at the time when he became convinced I was pregant was a little counter intuitive. Then he went on to talk about what would this mean in our house with only 2 usable bedrooms? Do we do renos? Do we move? What can we afford if we move? What would life look like with TWO kids?

So, I don't think Neil will let me HUG him until he checks my app now.

And if it did happened, my due date would be December 26th.

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