Tuesday, May 25, 2010

4 month immunization

Before I forget:

Weight: 15 pounds, 14 ounces. Only a few ounces more that the last mom's group nearly 3 weeks ago. And 90th percentile still. But slowing down.
Height: 24.5 inches. Which puts her at about 60th percentile this time, compared to 90th last time. Was she measured wrong? Who knows.
Head: I didn't get the number but 97th percentile. On the larger side *grin*

Speaking of head... Maddy is being referred to the plagiocephaly clinic, to look at her flat back head. The nurse assures us that Maddy is likely just fine and we'll just need to work on more tummy, bumbo and exersaucer time, (off her back) likely it'll correct itself. But just in case we're going to get her checked out.

Otherwise she was poked 3 times and took it like a trooper. Some crying, then a little bottle and she was all good. Napped for a few minutes then was good to go. But only a few minutes... today has NOT been a good nap day. Which means we have a grumpy girl. And a tired mom. But the amazing dad bought the tired mom Bliss cupcakes, since she was craving them. Damn, I love my husband.

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