Thursday, May 27, 2010

Night one of CIO

We are trying to get Maddy's sleep-issues in check, before they get any worse. Our biggest concern is how hard it is to lull her into sleep (swaddled, rocking in the chair and jiggling her while she sucks on a bottle or my finger), then we gently lay her down not to wake her and then sneak out. We'll have to go back at least twice and re-soothe. Tonight? Tonight we laid her down while relaxed but awake and we're letting her put herself to sleep (aka CIO).

We have to do this. She has to learn to put herself to sleep. We need her to, so that we can leave her in the evening without a 2 hour tutorial on how to soothe her. It's been 45 minutes. I think the crying stopped. But the sound of her frantic cries, wanting us to come in and hold her. Be with her... I know this is the right thing. But it's not the EASY thing. Why can't right and easy be the same?

EDIT: As I was typing this she stopped. Damn, it was hard. And tomorrow will be hard too. I hope it'll be shorter than today was. And now I am heading to bed... this has exhausted me.

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