Monday, May 31, 2010

Still working on the sleep-thang

Well, we're still working on Maddy's sleep. She had her bath, got her massage, was supposed to get a book read but she was a little grumpy. She had a small feed and was laid down. And she cried... but it was better again tonight. Although we made yet another change as of last night, we stopped swaddling her. She'd wake in the middle of the night and pull her arms and feet out. If not that, then she'd try to roll on her tummy while her arms were tight to her sides, which makes me have flashes of her little face buried in the mattress of her crib. And this way she can suckle her fingers, if she needs. But no swaddling? It meant a 2am waking. And then a 4am waking. Then up for good at 7am. She hasn't woken twice in one night in... months. But these little changes will mean we will have a little girl who will have healthy sleep habits. She looks exactly like her dad, I hope she falls asleep like him (aka in about 3 minutes). As a child I had a hard time falling asleep. Part of it was that no one really explained that closing your eyes made falling asleep easier... Despite now knowing I should close my eyes, I still have a hard time falling asleep.

Today we had a full day of errands, so Maddy napped on the go, mostly. Other than the 20 minutes she slept in my arms on the couch with me, at baba and dido's. She's a good on-the-go napper, in short amounts. But at home? Sleep is not a thing she's interested in. Oh well, we'll get this all sorted out soon. And now? This way too tired mom needs to sleep herself! G'night!

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