Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Neil's new glasses

I was reminded that I said I'd post this picture! He's mugging for the camera a bit (a lot) but doesn't he look so handsome?

Otherwise today has been a wonderful day! Maddy and I went to the mall to meet with friends. And this morning we really worked on the napping. Which meant she was a happier baby all day. And at 745pm she seemed tired. She had a little feed and then was soothed until she was calm. And has now been sleeping for about 30 minutes. A normal baby bedtime! Which means I can get a few things done around the house now, and blog and catch up on my silly (and annoying for FB friend's) FB games. Yesterday? Yesterday was less happy. Maddy was an overtired mess and had a few meltdowns during the day and a few morning in the evening. All evening... Sleep is so important to her. And I am (too) slowly learning her signs.

Aack. Fussing.

And she's soothed and back to sleep!

I am learning her signs. And I have to remember to watch her, not what I think she should be doing. She just woke from a full night's sleep about 1 hour ago? She could still be sleepy and need a nap. And I need to watch for that. I did today.

One more picture! Maddy, in one of my favorite onsies ever! Only because it's so absolutely true!

Happy Tuesday!

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